Saturday, June 12, 2010

Naked Innocence

I think Lexi is getting closer to being ready for potty trained which is NICE considering she will be attending a 1/2 day twice a week preschool program this year (let alone eliminating the cost of diapers from our budget) .  The point of my post though is that every single time Lexi has a chance to be naked or even just partially naked she squeals and runs through the house as if she is experiencing freedom.  She even has a very clearly identifiable “I”m naked” laugh. This morning she tricked her Daddy into putting her on the potty, even taking off her own bottoms and diaper.  Then about 5 seconds after her bum hit the seat she jumped off and began the naked freedom run around the house complete with squealing joyfully.  It’s so funny! 

Right now she has on big-girl panties at her request so we’ll see.  She usually gets extremely upset when she makes a mistake. Maybe today is a new day for potty training. 

I’d really like to see some comments on this post to assure me we’re not alone and that we are not raising a future pole dancer.  :-)  However, I must say I do enjoy watching her experience such freedom just to be herself without any outside influences as to how she should look.  I’m very happy to see her just be herself without peer pressure or influence from our society.  In many ways I wish I could feel exactly like she does without having to do that double check in the mirror every morning that I have done since I lost my own naked innocence way back in school.

P.S. To my dear friend Melissa I’m sure you can figure out why no pictures accompany this post.  :-)


John and Dell said...

HA - the title of this post made me cringe after you telling me about "the naked neighbor"!!!! :) Ask Tracy about AC's nickname...Cinnamon Candy will be her pole dancing name!!!! John McLean LOVES LOVES LOVES to be naked...I guess if you think about it, those diapers probably are pretty hot and uncomfortable!!! Keep us updated on the training!! :)

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

LOL! How funny! I have to say I feel for you every time I drive by your house. I totally understand the "For Sale" sign in your front yard! At least lately it seems the Freaky Man spends less time in the front yard. He's probably inside making sure he has on enough olive oil on!