Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VBS Day 2!

Eagar and willing and ready to go! (another outfit courtesy of Aunt Carolyn!)

June 216

June 217

Lexi could not wait for day two of VBS. I have to say she has made her Mommy very proud!  She was eager and jumped right in today without crying or worrying about leaving me.  I was never in doubt that she was not comfortable today.  I was soooooo proud when I picked her up afterwards because once again, the ladies who were with her let me know how GOOD she was and what a PLEASURE she was to have.  She even tickled them when she took off her sandals today and smelled her own feet and and said “shewwwww!!”. In her defense I think that given the 110+ degree heat index today that anyone who does not have stinky feet has not gone outside (IF she really did…. she is a jokester)!

I brought her to the kitchen where I’m helping and she ate Cheetos (Thanks Mrs. Delores!) while I helped.  We finally went home and she napped for a few hours but it took me longer to get going again.  VBS is exhausting! My mom has always handled pretty much everything at our church with feeding the masses.  I’ve never really helped until now but that SAID I have a new found respect for her and those who help her.  They work so hard and are so committed! It’s amazing! I was the youngest and was sweating like crazy when I finally left … with them still working!

Later this evening, Lexi began singing songs familiar to us from months ago… Barney songs like Baby Bop’s song about her “Yellow Blankie”.  So we tuned in to a video we have not watched in months and she started singing.  You may have to know her (and Barney) to understand everything but she just floored us with the songs she remembers from months ago when she was infatuated with Barney.  We sang and danced in the living room to the songs and had some really wonderful family moments.  This is what we live for.  Great family moments!  And we can’t wait for the next special moments together with those around us!

Tomorrow will bring a new Day 3 report of VBS. 


sfennell said...

Okay...love the stinkie feet thing..and those out fits are soo cute.

mhsands said...

So lov'n the dress ur mom made... wonder if it comes in Lissa size?