Saturday, June 05, 2010


Brennen woke up feeling better today.  It was evident in the level of his energy and spunkiness! Geoff got up with both kids and cooked breakfast.  After breakfast, he ran some errands and I continued to entertain the kids.  I’ve quickly learned chores around the house are best done in spurts when you have two.  At one point I gave both kids a bottle of window cleaner and a cloth and let them help me.  Hooray for child-labor! LOL! The problem is that they sprayed more than wiped.

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I have to say as busy as we have been, it’s been lots of fun to have Brennen around.  I’ve had some very special moments with him.  Last night, he feel asleep in my arms as we watched the Lion King.  I got tickled at bedtime because when I laid my head on my pillow, I felt a “crunch” and soon discovered it was from Goldfish Crackers. Kids. This afternoon, I laid down with him for a nap and he let me cuddle him.  I ended up being the one who napped while he laid silent. It was awesome! Lexi of course is jealous as she can be and we have to be careful in dealing with both of them at once.  Auntie Lexi and Brennen are just 6.5 months apart. It’s hard to know how to share at this age.

Tonight, we watched “Bambi” with them.  Both of us were amazed at the sadness in this movie.  The kids didn’t notice but I seriously doubt I’ll watch it with Lj again for a very long time, if ever.  And to think I thought “The Wizard of Oz” was evil.  I still hate that movie to this day. Lj will not watch it with me for sure.

Today Aunt Carolyn dropped by yet again with more clothes for Lj.  She loves Lexi so much that she has practically single-handedly clothed her for summer.  I will post new clothing pictures soon.  She does a great job picking out clothes in the right size and the style that looks so great on Lexi.  As I think back on how Carolyn told me I was nuts for adopting at my age, I now see that she is living our life with Lexi vicariously through Lexi.  Lexi has brought so much to everyone who meets her.  It amazes me every day.  As much as I love her, I find that the love just grows and grows!

We have a special day coming up soon…. July 26th.  The day we will readopt Lj in GA.  It’s not totally necessary but will make it easier for her later in life.  We really are excited because now more family can be around for the  FINAL step.  It brings tears to my eyes now just knowing that we can relive the adoption again with our family with us.


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Mike and Rhonda said...

Yes! Bambi is so sad. It was one of the first movies I went to as a child and I thought my heart would burst.

Glad you are having some great Brennen time.